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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina is the most vibrant city of the world and known as the gateway of Latin American countries. The city is rich in its heritage, arts and culture with a modern outlook. The first time visitor of this special place will be surprised looking at the architectural designs of the city that resemble to many cities of Western Europe. The city is also known as "Paris of Latin America". The unique combination of cosmopolitan character and the traditional ethics of the citizens makes Buenos Aires an extremely popular tourist spot.

Buenos Aires weather has a gentle and temperate climate usually for most of the year. The humidity can be very high during the summer months, which are Dec. - Feb. Buenos Aires is very popular to travel to during the spring and fall months. Rain is usually falling in May, October and November. So, no matter which season you decide to travel to Buenos Aires you will experience magnificent sunny days pretty much year round.

How to get in: Buenos Aires can be reached by Airways, waterways or roadways. For the international tourists the best option is to get in the city by airway. Ezeiza Ministro Pistarini International Airport (EZE) is the main gateway for most International tourists to get into Buenos Aires. There are three terminals at the airport that handles the international and domestic tourists. The tourists can reach the city from Airport by private or public bus services and taxis. The downtown is about 25 kilometers away from the airport. Bus services are available at the interval of 30 minutes to 45 minutes. You will get all the facilities like money exchange, food plaza of multiple cuisines, left luggage services at the airport and more. Bus and taxi services from Paraguay, Bolivia, and Brazil are also available. Buenos Aires is well-connected with the other sections of the country by roads. You can also get into the city from Uruguay by cruise liners. This is a popular choice of many international tourists.

What To Do In Buenos Aires: Buenos Aires offers a lot of tourist activities. It is not possible to cover all the attractions of the city in a short visit. You can make a tailor made tour to visit the major tourist attractions if you stay for a short duration. It is advisable to stay for a period of at least 15 days to discover the city.

Here are some destinations that should be covered to get the real taste of Buenos Aires:

* Palermo: Buenos Aires city is divided into many little neighborhoods known as barrios which have its own cultures and traditions. Palermo is one of the barrios which are famous for its unique landscape. The city park and the heritage monuments of Spanish dynasty are the main attractions of the barrio.

* Casa Rosada: This pink colored museum building is the symbolic architecture of Buenos Aires, like Thames Bridge of London. It was the Government's seat of Spanish rulers. The Museum displays the collection of 19th century rulers. The balcony of Casa Rosada is the second most famous balcony of the world. Visiting the balcony will be your lifetime experience.

* Obelisco: This national historic monument of twentieth century is another icon of Buenos Aires. It was built to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the foundation of the city. The monument is 67 meters high and each face of the monument represents the historical events of a historical time period.

* San Telmo: The oldest barrio of Buenos Aires is famous for its antique street market. A number of art galleries is another attraction of the place.

* La Boca: The place is famous for its colorful buildings. The neighborhood was built by the Italian migrates in the eighteenth century. The tourists enjoy the picturesque spot of the area.

* Torre Monument: The monument is famous for its clock tower. The tower was previously known as English tower, after Falkland war the tower was named as Torre Monument in the memory of the martyrs of the war.

* Recoleta: The visitors here will get the taste of French culture in this place. The place is the most expensive area of Argentina. The Cemetery of Recoleta is recognized as a popular spot for its artistic design. Experience the tango and see the dancers here.

Buenos Aires is also a nice place for newlyweds to honeymoon. In the beautiful settings of panoramic view the newlywed couple will rediscover his/her partner in a new angle. It is also a great place for wine lovers. The pubs and bars of the city offer the finest quality of wines to their customers at reasonable prices. In a word, Buenos Aires is a popular place for travellers who want to eat, drink and have fun.

Where to stay: Buenos Aires is a vacationers spot for every pocket. Low budget travel can get plush studios, one bedroom, or penthouses with balconies, WIFI, and kitchens from the local residents at a cheap price. To rent a studio starts from as low as $180.00 per week. The advantage is you can stay with the local people and you will get a firsthand knowledge of the local culture and tradition. On the other hand, you can also get hotel accommodations at the aristocratic environment of Recoleta. The hotels provide the artistic boutique hotels with world class decorated rooms and maximum amenities. The rate usually begin around $80.00 per day, which is very affordable for most travelers. Buenos Aires turismo is very popular with people from all over the world, because of it's accessibility, affordability and many wonderful attractions, food and wine.

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