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Jakarta, Indonesia

Indonesia is a country that is located in southeastern Asia. This country is very popular to tourists because it offers beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea water, white sand, and also a diverse culture. Due to these features thousands of people around the globe seem to be bewitched by the natural beauty of Indonesia and thus end up visiting this country. Indonesia is always seen as an archipelago or a haven consisting of many cities and famous beaches that you can visit.

Jakarta, Indonesia one of the cities found in Indonesia is considered as a self made epitome of culture and heritage. This is due to the rapid growth of commercial establishments such as Jakarta hotels, restaurants, shopping centers etc. that are ideal sites for tourists visiting there. Jakarta weather is conducive, this encourages most tourists to prefer this destination over many others. A place which depict the rich and also an interesting heritage, cannot be ignored as it also inspires some of the greatest architectural designs used in many modern structures.


Apart from the many tourist destinations sites, there is a large and spacious park in Jakarta. This park is always seen by most people as a best vacation destination. This park which is known as Taman Mini Indah Park is a very spectacular view to behold. One of its most outstanding features are the miniature replicas of the Indonesian archipelago.

Recognized by tourists as the pinacle of Indonesian beauty, the miniature park offers shelters to spectacles that usually represent the 27 Indonesia provinces though on a smaller dimension. Each of the islets that are in the lakes has got a provision for displaying the most outstanding architectural designs that are usually found on that site in real sense. This place thus qualifies as an ideal site for newly weds looking for a superb honeymoon place.

Apart from the miniature park that can be well viewed by a person on a ride, Jakarta also has got very many edifices and buildings that are usually very stunning and striking well enough that can be noticed and even marveled by very many people. Some of the many interesting places of architecture that are found here include the famous Toraja House, the Indonesian museum and the Bhakti Pertiwi Museum. There are also some other essential attraction places in the park such as the scenic bird park, Imax theatre and also the Snowbay water park among others. Coming to Taman Mini Indah which we have seen as a very spectacular paradise and wonderful tourist attraction site will always remain an unforgetable experience.


Apart from the Taman Indah park in Jakarta there is also the Setu Babakan. This place is located in the district of Srengseng Sawah that is found in south Jakarta. It is usually seen as a great destination whereby a person can experience presence of a unique culture and also the exotic and natural way of life. The Setu Babakan covers a large portion of land. This site is besieged by water that further contributes to the emphasis of the calmness and tranquility that is exuded or developed by this world class destination.


Tourists who are looking for a honey moon place or the best vacation destination can get some interesting experience when they visit this place. This is because they will be able to observe the village features and the impressive culture that the Betawis have. Vacationers who go there may also have the chance to sample the beatiful lenong which is a traditional comedy play that is found in Betawi. Also they will be able to see the topeng dance and the traditional Betawi wedding which is usually on display to the public.

By visiting Betawi you will also be able to see the structures that usually display the traditional Betawi architecture that date back to the 1920's, One will then truly have a life time expirience of the traditional Jakarta by visiting this cultural resort Village. This unique expirience cannot be found elsewhere on earth, so be sure to visit this resort soon.

Jakarta Hotels

There are numerous hotel deals in Jakarta. It is advisable to make your bookings in advance as this will attract exclusive discounts. When setting the details for your trip planning be sure to put Jakarta, Indonesia at the top of your list for it is one of the more popular holiday destinations.

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