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Places To Go In LA

Los Angeles! The beautiful city in California where the sun shines bright, celebrities roam free and you can vacation and witness some of the most famous sights the United States has to offer. Going off on a nature trail is fun every once and while but visiting LA gives you so much more to see and do. It is a small city packed with a plethora of places to go.

One of the most fun places to go while in LA is Catalina Island. On this little island you are surrounded by a great island vibe. It is a very relaxed atmosphere. There are several restaurants for you to dine at while visiting Catalina Island.

Also in LA and right around LA there are several theme parks such as Disneyland, 6 Flags and Knox Berry Farm. At all of these theme parks you are going to get to ride all your favorites such as the big and scary roller coasters or even "kiddy" rides for the kids or for those who are a little scared of the big rides.

While staying in LA another place you should visit is Hollywood. While in Hollywood you get to see the Hollywood walk of fame and get to see where celebrities have made their mark on the town.

Rodeo drive is the ideal place to visit in LA for those who love to shop. You are going to be surrounded by stores that tons of celebrities shop in on a day to day basis so be sure to save up some money before shopping on this street! All in all, Los Angeles is a great city to visit. A guaranteed fun and exciting time while fulfilling all of your entertainment needs on a vacation.

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