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Melbourne, Australia

Victoria's capital as well as most heavily populated city, Melbourne is the second most thickly populated city in Australia. Situated on the shores of the "Yaara River" in the south-east part of Australia, Melbourne Australia is ranked among the top ten cities to visit in the world. Not to mention, it is also considered as the most livable city in the whole world. Including inhabitants from more than 200 countries, Melbourne Australia is home to Australia's sporting tournaments, fashion, and cultural capital and allures tourists from all over the globe to appreciate its scenery and animated atmosphere.

Weather in Melbourne is of the temperate type with warm to hot summers, moderate and sometimes soothing springs and autumns, and chilly winters. Recognized as the city of "4 seasons in a day", Melbourne is a perfect place to watch the seasons change. In summers, spending time in the golden beaches is what many tourists find the most enjoyable; while in autumn it is possible to witness the bright foliage of the many 19th century European style parks. In winter, it is a time to luxuriate in the warmth of cozy cafes and bars. Spring is a period for renewal and a good time to go to the parks and gape at the glorious genius of flora and fauna. Visiting this part of the world during any time of the year is suitable; however, the best time to visit Melbourne is in the autumn and spring seasons. During these periods the temperatures are usually very pleasant, without being intolerably warm.

What to do in Melbourne, Australia? Melbourne offers so many diverse experiences and so many amazing attractions to see, that you never seem to quite have sufficient time to soak in and enjoy all that you see surrounding you. So, what to do in Melbourne? If you are also planning to explore this beautiful city, here are some of its best places.

Melbourne Aquarium

Located just over the street from crown casino, this award winning "Melbourne Aquarium" offers an absolutely unique experience with their new exhibition "Antarctica with a frozen winter land" for the penguin show and a 2.2 million liters tank accommodates fish, turtles, sharks and stingrays. The aquarium also includes a kid's play area with soft stacking blocks, games and submarine simulator. Especially, for families having kids this is the must visit spot.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Said to be one of the best destinations in the world, Melbourne's majestic landscaped gardens makes it one of the greenest cities in the whole wide world. Located just outside the Melbourne CBD, Royal Botanic Gardens are abode to over 12 thousand plant species and a natural reserve for domestic wildlife. These Gardens are counted among the world's finest and one of the most glorious locations to spend a leisurely morning or afternoon. If you enjoy lovely gardens, then a tour to these gardens is a must. Here you will find wide garden beds and scenic walking paths. The gardens also feature cafes, tearooms and reception center rooms. Entry to the gardens is free.

Federation Square

Melbourne's civic center and the cultural zone-Federation Square is the most important meeting place of this city. The Square features a creative blend of attractions, galleries and museums, unique shopping experiences and the finest of its dining with its many cafes, bars and restaurants. Besides, it is also a center of various Melbourne activities. It hosts more than 2000 events annually, including sporting events, multicultural festivals, film screenings, markets and many more. Truly, there is so much to see and do at Federation Square that it can be a little overwhelming for tourists to do and see everything all in just one visit. The parks and spaces in Federation Square are: The Square, Birrarung Marr, Artplay and Federation Wharf. In addition, its world-famous attractions include: National Design Centre and Kirra Gallery. Best of all, it features a number of first-class restaurants, cafes and bars. From Arintji Café+Bar to Bokchoy Tang, Beer De Luxe to Café Chinooto, and much more, Federation Square offers travelers a wide variety of dining choices. For film buff, art-aficionado and souvenir hunter, it is a great place to shop extravagantly.

After knowing so many marvelous aspects of Melbourne, you will surely want to spend some time here. If money is your major concern about planning a trip to this place, then why not take advantage of hotel deals offered by various Melbourne hotels. Some of the cheapest quality hotels in Melbourne are Claremont Guest House Melbourne, Space Hotel Melbourne and Evancourt Motel Melbourne.

Due to its endless array of eye-opening attractions, Melbourne, Australia has become one of the best places in the world to visit. If you are also looking for a destination to have a pleasant vacation, then look no further than Melbourne.

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