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Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic it is one of the most popular places for tourists in Europe. Even before the fall of communism Prague has always been one of the unique places to stay in Europe. Visiting Prague, Czech Republic is a thrilling experience everyone should have because of several important places to visit in the city. The city has unique history and good architectural buildings which people from other parts of the world come to see. The city is steadily developing as a cosmopolitan city. In the Prague castle districts there are many sightseeing places that visitors could explore and enjoy.

In Prague the city center is full of historical sites and stunning architectures ranging from the Gothic era, Renaissance era and to the modern architectures. This is a city that has a combination of old and new. Apart from that, there are great sightseeing places such as parks, museums, bars, art galleries, lively gardens and many others. The location of Prague at the bank of Vltava River coupled with the picturesque and scenic environment of the city make it one of the top 10 cities to visit in the world.

Visiting Prague promises to become a unique experience travelers are waiting to have. Social life in the city is all about fun and entertainment. There is hardly anybody who has been here that would not like to come again. Prague nightlife is a thrilling experience which anybody who has witnessed it would not want to miss out on. There are great entertainment places like lively bars and restaurants, riverside parks, beer gardens and music clubs in different parts of Prague.

Exploring the emerging suburbs in the city such as Vinohrady, Zizkov, Holesovice as well as Smichov is easy because of the functional and organized transport system. Traveling into the city is easily done by water, road passage, and air as well as rail transport systems. Travel Prague's emerging suburbs and see why visiting Prague is something one would never regret doing.

Prague nightlife is all about entertainment and fun. Visitors coming into the city have at least three places they are sure of getting a thrilling nightlife experience. The places include the Estate Theatre, the Prague State Opera and the National Theatre. Opera music is very popular here more than any other part of the world. However, it is advisable that travelers research before coming to make sure that they will get booking as these places quickly become booked most of the time.

There are several unique places to visit for sightseeing and tours. Perhaps, the greatest historic place visitors want to see in Prague is the popular Klementium. This is a historic place which dates back to 1232. This is located in the older section of Prague. This is the place one would have a deep view of the city. Another interesting place to see is the Prague Zoo. This is one of the best in the world as it has different species of animals including a collection of animals for adults and kids. The other great place one would like to see in Prague is Sea World. This is the place visitors would see different types of underwater inhabitants. Lots of fun for children and adults.

Other things that make visiting Prague such a great travel experience is the abundance of relaxation places such as great restaurants with great Czech foods of different kinds are served to the visitors. Some of the great restaurants in the city include Bohemeica which serves both, as restaurant and bar, others are the Terasa U Zlate Studne, the Restaurace Monarch as well as Paiffy Palac among hundreds of others. These restaurants also serve as bars. Here one would eat different types of continental and Czech types of dishes. There are many affordable places to stay in the city. Anybody with a budget travel will find lots of reasonably priced accomodations in this fun, friendly and vibrant city. Although, hotels in Europe are typically expensive travelers to Prague could get both luxury and budget hotels. Here are some of the places visitors could stay in the city: Mamaison Hotel, this is by the side of the river. Others include the Corinthia Hotel, Iron Gate Hotel as well as Ventana Hotel. Prague weather is very mild and friendly to visitors. It is one of the factors that sustains tourism in the city

Travelers can buy any type of items including Czech made products and foreign-made products. The shopping malls in Prague are full of different types of goods. Some of the shopping plaza travelers should patronize include the Myslbek Shopping Center, Cerna Ruze Department Store, Koruna Palace Shopping Center and Novy Smichov Shopping Mall and several others. Prague is one of the best places one could travel to in Europe. It has many things which makes vacationing here a wonderful experience.

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