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Rio de Janerio, Brazil

Rio de Janerio is the second largest city in Brazil and is one of the best places to travel to when on vacation. If you are looking for a fun holiday destination, Rio is it. It is also known as the wonderful city and is the cultural, economic and fashion center of Brazil. The numerous shopping malls, restaurants, quality hotels and especially the carnival at Rio de Janerio will keep you entertained during your whole stay.

A visit to Rio de Janiero attractions like The famous "Christ the Redeemer" statue that is a 98-foot tall idol of Jesus Christ on Corcovado Mountain and overlooks the city. It was carved by a French sculptor known as Paul Landowski and is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The sugar loaf cable car is one of the oldest cable cars in the world that was launched in 1912. From these cable cars, you get the aerial view of the beautiful scenery of lush greenery and the vibrant blue and green colors of the ocean. This cable car also offers a breathtaking mountain view of Rio. You should ensure that the skies are clear before setting out. The Ipanema beach, which is the hub of tourist activity where you can play volleyball; swim and sun bathe on this beautiful and popular beach. For experienced water games lovers, you can surf, body board and skim board in the ocean. Tijuca National Park is another great tourist attraction site. It is a leisure park with fountains and lakes. This park also has a variety of bird species that are unique to tropical forests and are a sight.

There are many other great places to visit such as the Buzios Peninsula, an old fishing village, Jardim Botanico (the botanical gardens), the Fiscal Island that provides a good insight into Brazilian history and the recently added Samba City, which is considered sacred by the locals.

The Rio Carnival

It is considered the biggest carnival in the world and the first carnival in Brazil. It is held every year before lent and dates back to 1723. Millions of people congregate on the streets for music and dancing and the most famous dance is the samba, which has African influences. The carnival is a great way of experiencing the local life and having fun.

The Rio hotel to visit are so many considering that Brazil hotels and especially Rio is a city driven by tourism. Some of the Brazilian hotels we recommend looking at are:

The Copacabana Palace, one of the best luxury hotels in Rio located on the Copacabana beach. It is the home of many famous personalities whenever they are on tour in Rio. This hotel has a magnificent view of the sea, a beautiful pool with many entertainment features like spas and gymnasiums. Rio hotel is also located on the Copacabana beach and has excellent customer service. The rooms are spacious and en suite and have the most modern appliances. These two are among the top hotels in Rio and have rooms for both individuals and families and pricing that it comfortably affordable.

Hotel Cipriani restaurant is one of the most sophisticated hotels that offers exceptional Italian cuisine. If you are looking for a place to have an exquisite experience of Italian cuisine, this is the best place to visit. Other restaurants worth visiting include Amir for Middle Eastern cuisine, Café Lamas for barbeques, Madame Butterfly for Japanese, Satyricon for seafood and Marius Steakhouse. Any of these superb dining spots will be sure to please any palette.

If you are a shopper, Rio is the city to indulge yourself, the variety of shopping malls will leave you spoiled for choice. In addition to the shopping malls, there are the local weekend markets where you can get a variety of cool and unique Brazilian souvenirs.

The nightlife in Rio is vibrant with numerous nightspots to visit. Rio de Janerio is a fun city with parties everywhere within the city at all times. The most popular entertainment spots are the Nuth Lounge Bar, Devassa, 00(zero zero), Braserio da Gavea, and Shenanigan's Irish Pub among others. These clubs will liven up your weekends and give you unforgettable experiences.

If you are in search of a destination that will provide numerous activities for your amusement and help you forget about the stress of your daily life, travel to Rio. This wonderful city will give you the best holiday experience with its beautiful attractions, it endless activities, affordable luxurious hotels and restaurants and the famous carnival. Rio de Janiero is a holiday destination you will want to visit each year. So, consider a vacation to Rio this year when you are trip planning and deciding on great holiday places and get a ways. You are sure to have a great time in Rio.

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